Tuesday, 9 April 2013

British University Creek Race Boater X

With not actually being at University and being 17 I was unable to compete in the main race, so I entered the boater X. The first part of the Boater X took place on a very low Triple Steps  on the the Etive. The first race was without your paddles. We all set our boats up on the other bank and started of by racing to our boats, getting our decks on and then getting to the finish line as fast as possible. The second race involved us racing down with our paddles this time, but with our decks off. This was the one with the most carnage with people doing anything they could to sink each other.

The second part took us to the Etive trib, the Allt A' Chaorainn which was yet again very low. This was a more straight forward race, where we were able to keep our decks and paddles but a lot more scrappy. 

First place went to Matt Cooke and with a second place tie going to Ben Johnston and Patrick Jenner.